Glanmire Community College

After more than twelve years of lobbying by local people, Glanmire Community College opened in 1997. It is a Designated Community College under the joint trusteeship of Cork Education and Training Board and the Diocese of Cork and Ross. It serves the second level education needs of the greater Glanmire area. Located on a spacious twelve acre site and equipped with modern buildings and facilities, the college accommodates a pupil enrolment of over eight hundred and seventy five students.

The fundamental purpose of the college is expressed in its vision statement:

“Glanmire Community College strives to be a happy, safe, caring and inclusive Christian community that promotes quality teaching and learning in an environment of mutual respect.”

The College endeavours to provide the best possible education for all its pupils, taking account of each individual’s unique talents, aptitudes and interests. The pursuit of academic excellence is a central feature of college life, and our success to date has been based on making progression to third level education a core value of our college.

Cultural, spiritual and physical development are strongly supported in the college and given expression through a wide range of co-curricular activities.

The wide range of curricular subjects and programs provides for each individual child and assists them in achieving their potential.


Message from the Principal

We in Glanmire Community College are dedicated to the development of the whole person and the pursuit of excellence. We are committed to ensuring that each and every student achieves the very best academic results possible. The high level of success our students have achieved in the state examinations is indicative of this commitment.

We also provide our students with the opportunity to take part in a broad range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Whether it be through sport, music, drama, cultural activities or membership of one of the many school social clubs, our students learn the values of commitment and co-operation in pursuit of their goals.

Our highly qualified, dedicated teachers, working closely with our enthusiastic, ambitious students, creates an atmosphere that blends care of the individual with an insistence on high standards.

I want to welcome you to Glanmire Community College in the hope that working together we can ensure that your time in post primary school is enjoyable and rewarding.