Students’ Council

The Student Council is a group of students representing the entire body within the College. It is made up of Class Captains and Year representatives, Treasurer, P.R.O., Secretary, Past President and Presidents: Eoin Hedman and Conor Smiddy.
The position of Student Council Coordinator is undertaken by Ms. Caroline Fitzgerald who acts as Staff Representative and assists in the efficient running of the Council.
The Executive is made up of six representatives from each year group and the Presidents.
The Students’ Council is a voice for the students. It seeks to ensure the welfare and interests of all students within the College.
The Council is extremely important as it allows all students to express their opinions and voice their concerns about any matter they feel needs addressing. It is there for the mutual benefit of students and teaching Staff.
Proposals are made within the Student Council. Students are given the freedom to debate the topics within the Student Council Executive.
All Student’s requests are put forward and each proposal is discussed and assessed before either the go ahead is given, or reasons as to why certain proposals cannot go ahead are given.
Democracy certainly exists in the college.



Student Support Service in G.C.C.

By Rosalyn Twomey 
The executive Student Council worked with Glanmire Youth Project Officers, Brian and Ger and the Pastoral Care team in G.C.C. to set up the Student Support Service. All students were welcome to attend the group in the Library on Mondays at lunchtime. They just needed an appointment slip from Fr. Cian or Mr. O’Leary. Brian and Ger, the Youth Officers met with a different first year group each week and the executive Student Council set up the room for this meeting.
Considerations such as making the room comfortable by putting in beanbags and soft chairs to provide a comfortable environment in which students felt like they could talk were important. There were only three things which Brian and Ger could not guarantee confidentiality on: if a person threatens their own life, if a person threatens the life of another, or if child abuse is involved.
In my opinion this was very good experience particularly for the younger community in G.C.C. It gives students a chance to put their trust in the Glanmire Youth Project Officers so they can say what is on their mind and build themselves up as an individual and develop a sense of understanding of school life.

Some responses from 1 st year students:

‘’I think the Student Support service is a great idea. Some people have really big issues and they don’t tell anyone about it. The Youth Officers are giving these people an opportunity. I would recommend this service for all year groups.’’

‘’When Geraldine invited us to the library she was very nice and friendly. She explained to us why we were there and what they would do to help us. The area they had set up was very welcoming. I think the service is a very good idea as everybody is bound to have a problem that they want to talk to someone about during their time in the school.’’

‘’The most important component I believe is that the Student Support Service is held during lunchtime so if you have problems no one will know. It is a very good idea to have that support there as the transition from primary to secondary school can be very difficult.’’